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Vessel Maintenance Tips

A boat is a luxury item and as such requires careful upkeep. As professionals in boat repairs Perth WA we have seen all sorts of problems and we know that many of them can be avoided with regular maintenance. So to help ensure you don’t need to call out a marine mechanic ahead of time, follow our simple tips for boat maintenance.

  1. Clean your boat regularly – When it concerns caring for your boat, you need to think of it like it is your house. Schedule in some time to clean your boat consistently, especially if you go boating in seawater. Salt will corrode the parts on your boat and cause an adverse reaction with the gel layer on your boat. If you do happen to spot damage, chips and fractures, our mobile marine mechanic will be on hand to offer advice and carry out repairs before they turn into something much bigger.
  2. Motor oil -Once you get to around 100 hours of use, and definitely once a year, you will need to adjust the motor oil.  The manufacturer’s manual that came with your boat will have more precise details.
  3. Inspect the gas line for fractures and used spots regularly.
  4. Ensure the boat’s fuel primer light bulb is not split and is flexible.
  5. Inspect the clamps on the fuel line and look out for signs of corrosion or rust.
  6. Cover and store your boat in a suitable, dry place when not in use e.g. the winter season.
  7. Conduct a security audit on your boat devices including fire extinguishers, flares, electronics, lines etc.

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When it comes to regular marine servicing and maintenance, for example changing the boat oil, electrical testing and repairs, hull cleaning you need to book in for a service with a diesel mechanic. Just as you would book in a car service every year, our professional boat repairs Perth WA  will inspect and service your boat to ensure it is safe and seaworthy for safe sailing.

If you do require fibreglass repairs, gearbox repairs and overhauls, or paint and gel rejuvenation, you need to find an honest, local and reliable company to carry out boat repairs Perth WA.

Here at Dtech Contracting we are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about all things marine mechanical.  Our aim is to ensure you spend time enjoying your boat and less time and money maintaining it. So when it comes to selecting the best company for the job, we have over 20 years of experience in mobile marine mechanics and are the leading Australian company for a marine mechanic Perth.

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