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Marine Mechanical Services | Generator Rebuilds | D-Tech Contracting

Power Generation & Marine Mechanical Services

At D-Tech Contracting we see ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ by providing a wide range of services for both the Power Generation & Marine Mechanical Services with experience and knowledge on a wide range of engine and generator rebuilds, makes, and models.

Power Generation Services

  • Field service technicians (metro & regional labour hire also available)
  • Preventative & scheduled maintenance plans (diesel and gas generators)
  • Complete engine and generator rebuilds and overhauls
  • Mechanical service/ repairs/ maintenance
  • Electrical service/ repairs/ maintenance
  • 24hr generator breakdown service
  • Generator load testing
  • Generator installations & commissioning
  • Supply of stand-by rental generators

Marine Mechanical Services

  • Scheduled marine mechanical services & maintenance (on all engine applications)
  • Vessel sea trailing & propulsion engine re-powers
  • Complete engine rebuilds and overhauls
  • Marine gearbox repairs and overhauls
  • Emergency Breakdown repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • General vessel maintenance

Diesel Backup Generators ongoing Maintenance schedules

Diesel backup generator is a common way to protect a company against any consequences of power failures. Australian energy industry has impeccable record for energy reliability supplies, however any unforeseen disruptions and natural disaster events can still be happened, meaning that uninterrupted power supply cannot be guaranteed at all.

In addition to the external risk factors that might occur on diesel supply, there are number of problems that companies should be aware regarding their generators, maintenance & testing process, and fuel requirements.

Generator Maintenance and Testing

Diesel backup generator is a common program that will assisting companies to respond to power failures. However for the operation to be successfully working all the way, outage generators must be maintained and tested period.  The particular testing and maintenance procedures for generator units will vary in accordance with its brands, size, and operating conditions.

However as a professional mechanic, we advise that generators should be tested at least once a month and in some circumstance by weekly. It is also reported that the rate of discovery of potential problems when systems are tested under full load application for at least half an hour is almost twice the rate of when a system is tested under no load application.

The checklist below will cover some critical questions that Risk Managers might be asked regarding their building’s backup generator during a power problems.

Marine Mechanical Services | Generator Rebuilds | D-Tech Contracting

Generator Maintenance and Testing Checklist

  • Does your backup generator has the capacity to maintain important operations for an extended works?
  • Is the generator plant robust to hold against hot weather?
  • Is there any proper airflow surrounding the generator to prevent high temp such as overheating?
  • Has the wiring properly structured to support backup generator?
  • In case of load rotations, how electrical installation had been done and maintain important operations while diverting the non essential operations to the external supply?
  • Do you know where the company sources for the generator spare parts?
  • Does the company has a maintenance contract for their generators?
  • Does the company maintain the standard maintenance procedures?
  • Is the generator operated monthly?
  • Is the generator operated under load to properly test the entire system?
  • How many people in the company who are trained to maintain and operate the generator units? Are these people always ready on call?


Power Generation Services
Marine Mechanical Services