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Marine Mechanical Service and Power Solutions

Marine Mechanical Service – In the marine industry, Caterpillar is one of the leading manufacturers of electric power solutions and propulsion systems offering Caterpillar generators and Caterpillar marine engines. D-Tech Contracting specializes in the maintenance and repair of Caterpillar generators and propulsion engines. We offer solutions for marine engine repowering for commercial vessels and pleasure craft of all sizes. Our professional team of marine diesel mechanics can attend wherever you are, Our fully equipped service vehicles our mechanics travel in mean they can carry out on-site marine diesel engine repairs.

Caterpillar Marine Engine Services, Repairs, and Preventative Maintenance Programs

CAT marine products are world renowned for their dependability in the marine industry. At D-Tech Contracting, we offer a preventative maintenance and marine engine repair program for your diesel engine propulsion system whether you have a pleasure craft or commercial vessel. We also cater for power generation in marine vessels as well.

At D-Tech Contracting in Perth WA, we offer:

  • Access to specialized electronic and computerised diagnostic equipment for Caterpillar marine engines allows for quick diagnostics and fixing the problem.
  • D-Tech offers a full range of genuine Caterpillar oils, spare parts, and servicing equipment to maintain your vessel to its original condition.
  • Our experienced Caterpillar marine engine diesel mechanics provide superior mechanical care for your CAT power plant.

Our highly trained marine diesel mechanics have the expertise to trouble shoot and carry out the necessary repairs on your Caterpillar power plant and if necessary install a brand new power plant in your vessel.

Marine Mechanical Service - Power Solutions - Marine Diesel Mechanic

When it comes to performance, quality, and reliability, Caterpillar marine engines set the bar high and at D-Tech, we set the bar just as high for the skill level of our Caterpillar trained technicians.

A broad power range and decades of experience mean you can rely on a single source for all you’re on board power solutions, providing CAT electronic marine engines, vessel controls, and CAT generator sets. Caterpillar’s ongoing electronic engine technology advancements mean CAT marine engines meet worldwide emissions regulations while delivering a surge of adrenaline whenever the need arises.

Marine Mechanical Service - Power Solutions - Marine Diesel Mechanic

Marine Engine Emergency Breakdown Services

Our team of marine diesel mechanics offers 24-7 for breakdown servicing for CAT marine engines and diesel engines of all types. Our highly qualified marine diesel mechanics will turn up on site with a fully equipped service vehicle to take care of all your breakdown issues.