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How to Find the Right Marine Mechanic in Perth

If you are a boat owner who likes to cruise the ocean on a sunny day, or go to to a nice spot and have a fish, then you have to know some marine mechanic around your area. No one understands better about your boat than marine mechanics, and they are the ones that come to help if there are any problems with your favourite boat. Even so, finding a reliable one is a different story. You definitely do not want to leave your boat to unprofessional mechanics who stretch the repair time from weeks to two months. Here are some tips to find a decent and reliable marine mechanic in Perth that you can rely on.

How to Find the Right Marine Mechanic in Perth - D-Tech Contracting

Visit All Available Mechanics

Visit as many marine mechanics as you can in the Perth area. By telling them about your boat, your boat breakdown or issues and whether your needs are commercial or pleasure boat-based, you can measure how much their interest to you. See if they are genuinely interested in your business.

Get All the Details

If they are showing the sort of enthusiasm that builds confidence, it is time to dig a little deeper into their maintenance and repair practices. Find out about the average time for a standard repair during slow times and peak times, their charge per hour, their knowledge about your boat and motor brand, their warranty coverage, and their stock of commonly required parts. You might also want to know if their repair time often delayed or not, and their cost transparency.

Talk to D-Tech Mechanical & Contracting

How to Find the Right Marine Mechanic in Perth - D-Tech Contracting

D-Tech Mechanical & Contracting is one of the reliable options in Perth area. We know what it’s like to have your boat out of the water when the sun’s out and the fish are biting. We always do all we can to keep maintenance and repair schedules reliable and consistent. That means giving you a clear undertaking from the start. If we say it’s going to take three days, we’ll base that on the facts – available labour, available parts, and time to do the job. We will not push you down the queue when some ‘high priority’ customer rushes in with a boat needs to be repaired.

How to Find the Right Marine Mechanic in Perth - D-Tech Contracting

All of our customers are high priority here at D-Tech Mechanical & Contracting. That’s the way it has to be to keep the respect of everyone we deal with and provide a reliable service. Contact us today to find more about our service.