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How to Choose The Right Marine Generators

A marine generator provides power for all the electrical equipment on your boat, so it’s very important to choose the right generator for your vessel. For the very best marine generators Perth, talk to the experts at D-Tech Contracting. We also offer generator hire.

Let’s look at some tips on choosing a marine generator that’s best for you and your craft.

AC or DC

An AC marine generator really is the standard these days, and DC generators can be both hard to find and tend to cost a lot more. AC power is far more efficient and the majority of appliances have inbuilt transformers for alternating current.

Power Output

This is important, as you don’t want to be under-powered. You first need to determine the total power your boat and its accessories requires, then choose a generator with about 20% more power than required to ensure optimum performance and have some power in reserve.

Diesel or Petrol

Generally, if your engine uses diesel, then your generator should to. The same goes for a petrol engine and generator. Petrol requires a spark-free generator.

Cooling Systems

There are 3 types of liquid cooled marine generators:

  1. Keel cooled
  2. Direct seawater
  3. Heat exchanger

These are all designed and engineered to be used in a marine environment. As a rule of thumb, choose the same type of liquid cooling as your main engine.

Hydraulic Drive or Engine Powered

Hydraulic drive systems are far more efficient for smaller craft with less power consumption or intermittent power use. These are powered by a hydraulic pump on the main engine. Operating the main engine for electricity alone is not super efficient, so hydraulic works best in these cases.

Marine Scheduled Maintenance

To keep your generator in top shape and lasting for years, it requires regular maintenance from a diesel tech. So if you’re asking yourself, “what’s the best mobile diesel mechanic near me”, then think of D-Tech first.

We specialise in Cat marine engines and are your local Caterpillar marine experts. Talk to us about our 24 hour emergency breakdown service. Another great choice is a Yanmar generator, whether for purchase or generator hire.

Diesel Mechanic Perth

For the best marine diesel mechanic, generators Perth, generator hire or the purchase of a quality marine generator, D-Tech Contracting is your number one choice. For the very best generators Perth, call today on – (0407 472 060).

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